Monday, January 19, 2009

Week 2

Hello all. to be honest I would be surprised if any of you stayed around this long after my first post. Come on guys, as blog readers I would suspect that you were also bloggers so you would understand the first timer curse. Anyways, for all you who have come back thank you and I will not disappoint.

This week we'll focus on the site This is getting closer to my main goal of finding the most crazy and underground ad blog site man has made. The overal layout is eye catching to those who crave violence and anarchy and with a URL like Illegal what else would you expect? Rough, angry, raw, rugged, rough, rrrrrraaawwr, basic instinct like. I think I have found my first blog home. In the about page (link at bottom of page) it says that this site is an independent blog that is here to bring us the best in underground online advertising dealing with illegal, banned and rejected commercials as well as spoofs, very virals, director cuts, underground campaigns and exclusive previews. Now I knew this was home and the right path to follow.

This site was easy to navigate through, categories of videos are posted on the left hand nav bar, the center main display has the newest post, and more when you scroll down. Everything is posted by date, which makes remembering easy when trying to show your friends the most fucked up ad you found days or weeks ago. On the top navigation bar is your main pages; archive, submit, search. In the ‘archive’ page you can go through illegal advertising dating all the way back to Jan 2009, where I found one of the worst ads I have seen in a while. Apperantly they got banned because they shrunk the actors in it. Lol here is the link:
In the submit page you get the obvious… a submit form and a upload button. No surprise right? But the layout of the form is pretty cool; sticking to the rawr style.
The search button is just a drop down menu, which is convenient and not in the way, that you just write in a ‘searchterm’ for your video.

On the lower right handed side of the page you will always find a friends menu. These link to other video blogging sites which we will talk about later this week, but if you can’t wait then please go ahead and get ahead of the class.

The site is pretty amazing, being still amateur in blogging this was a good start and very fun to look at. My personal favorite videos that I watch here was a ad for a MTV called Fur TV, and the other was for durex condoms that showed balloon animals made form durex condoms having sex in different positions. Check it out, waist some time, learn what not to do but do it anyways, and have some fun.


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