Thursday, January 15, 2009

Week 1

Blogs, to some it is a portal to information and communication. Blogs can be fun, interesting, informative, and weird. But still to this day most still either don't have a blog or just have no fucking clue as to what a blog is and where you can buy one. I am right in between those two categories. So I have decided that I will start reviewing advertising and branding blogs, since my main interests are in those two categories.

I decided to have a journey for the next 7 blogging and reviewing blogs that deal with advertising and branding. Setting up an account was easy enough already having a gmail account, so I now was ready to blog. I had some help from a source of some great places to start in checking out adverting and branding blog sites, some of the main stream stuff. So before I dove into the deeper underground blogs I figured I would start with something easier for my first time. I decided to go to . Off the bat colours and all kinds of shit jumped out at me. Please excuse my language, but that’s my “what is a blog” side getting uncomfortable. There is a lot that seems to go on, words and boxes in all directions and sizes, pictures, videos, ads, little buttons that have plus signs… I didn’t know where to go from here, so I just watched the screen for a bit. I finally focused on the top post on the site and realized I was reading a short paragraph about a Nike viral video, what were the odds, there was also a video of the spot. I now seemed to have read my first blog, feeling good, and was ready to continue my journey.

I now found myself being a pro and navigating, downward, on the site. A post from Toyota IQ caught my eye talking about a video game that let you test drive there new car. The game was pretty cool and got me involed while also telling me feaures and benefits of the new car. I went into deeper detail and tried to find the site, but it seems it not being sold yet in north amaerica so I got the Ireland site for the English readers. If you click on the video on the main display they got a video for the game. I was zooming around all over the net and was feeling the rush now of this blogging rave, I was ready for my next step… commenting.

Commenting was hard to get to, it appears on this site there is a small menu bar under all the posts and where it says to comment there is a number and you click on that, you then just scroll down and you fill out your info. I was nice.

This week was a lot, but even though first steps take long they end up making you run. So next week I will focus on navigation and commenting, also working out links on my posts and better layout. I also plan to delve into some underground bogs to see whats hip and cool before it becomes big.


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